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Has Redundancy Affected YOU in 2020?

Has Redundancy Affected YOU in 2020?

Has Redundancy Affected YOU in 2020?

Know Your Rights Relating to Redundancy

Has your employer followed a fair process regarding your redundancy?

Know your rights:

  • Has your employer given you a genuine reason for redundancy?

Redundancy can only occur if your employer has decided for genuine reasons that your job is no longer needed such as due to restructuring where the position is no longer needed, the business is closing down, or your employers are selling their business.

  • Has your employer checked for alternative options to redundancy?

Redundancy can only occur if all other options have been exhausted, with redundancy being a last resort

Your employer could offer alternatives such as reduced hours, changes to your job description and job tasks, or make changes to how or when work is undertaken. Note that ANY changes to your employment agreement MUST be agreed to by YOU and recorded in writing.

  • Have you and your employer undergone a consultation/negotiation/discussion process?

Employers must undertake a consultation process with you regarding your redundancy and act in good faith by providing time for you to consider and respond to any redundancy proposal, and consider your feedback and/or any concerns you might have.

  • Has your employer provided outplacement support or offered other support where this is not available?

We can offer outplacement support through your employer. Ask your employer to enquire today if this is the support you need.

  • Has your employer considered extending the notice period or deferring redundancy?

This could be an option to allow you continue working with your employer whilst they look into further alternatives to redundancy, or to allow you to time to find a new job.

  • Have you been given notice of at least that stated in your employment agreements? Or payment of wages in lieu?

Your employer must either give you the required notice period in accordance with your employment agreement when making you redundant. Or alternatively, they can choose to give you payment in lieu of working out the notice period.

  • Have you been given your final payment, unused annual leave, salary and other entitlements?

Make sure you receive all wages owing, unused leave entitlements and any other entitlements owing in your final pay.

Always check your employment agreement and know your entitlements relating to redundancy. 


Needing Support After Your Redundancy?

Financial Support

You may be eligible for income support if your work has been affected by Covid-19 or if you have been made redundant through Work and Income. 

  • Find out more about Work and Income might be able to help you at Work and Income.

Outplacement Support

We can offer outplacement support through your employer. Ask your employer to Enquire Today if this is the support you need.

We also have a CV Writing service to help you get your CV up to date so you can market your skill outs to employers. Enquire Today if you would like a professional CV update!

Need help finding job opportunities?

Register Now with Direction Recruitment and we will keep an eye out for suitable opportunities that match your skills and work experience.

Wondering Where to go From Here?

Get work ready and start job hunting today!

  • Is your CV up to date?

Take the time to create an impressionable CV so you can stand out from the crowd and get those interviews! 

Ensure your CV is updated before applying for jobs. Tailoring your CV to the job you are applying for is certainly useful, however if you are using a cover letter you can also tailor this to each job. 

Top CV Tips:

  • Ensure your work history is listed in reverse chronological order, with your most recent position first

  • For each position you've held, include dates of work, job title, company name and the responsibilities you had 

  • Ensure your contact details are clearly listed and are accurate (include contact number, email address, your location)

  • Format your CV so that it’s easily readable (clear font and font size, space wording out so you have some white space)

  • Have good referees who are available to provide a reference

  • Triple check spelling and grammar!

  • Are you prepared for interviews?

Always prepare yourself for the interview process so you can ACE those interviews!  

  • Prepare your answers to common interview questions and know what you are going to say.

  • Know what you should and shouldn’t say in interview. 

  • Research the company so you have an idea of what they’re looking for and prepare some questions to ask them to show your interest. Know how you should dress for interview and present yourself to impress – first impressions count!

  • Explore different job opportunities or consider a career change?

If you’re finding it hard to get work, don’t limit yourself, open yourself to other potential opportunities out there. 

Take this opportunity to upskill or retrain in a new field or area of skill. Undertake further study or take a short course to gain new skills and qualifications. 

  • Check out NorthTec's available courses or perhaps another polytechnic or university -  many are now offering online learning options! 

  • Take action and start job hunting now!


1) Frequently look for job opportunities on job boards such as Seek and Trade Me, social media such as Facebook job pages

2) Create a Seek Profile, Trade Me Profile and a LinkedIn Profile so employers can find you and you can keep updated with new job opportunities!

3) Did you know that many jobs are filled by word of mouth? Get in touch with former colleagues/employers or hand out your CV in person. Put yourself out there and you might just get that opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

4) Register Now with Direction Recruitment and we will keep an eye out for suitable opportunities that match your skills and work experience


  • Learn more about getting work ready after redundancy at Careers NZ and get job hunting today!

Positive Attitude + Motivation = Success!


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