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Certain jobs more recession-proof than others: recruiters

Certain jobs more recession-proof than others: recruiters

Demand for healthcare workers appears recession-proof but job prospects for business professionals are slumping, a new survey shows.


The quarterly member survey by Australian and New Zealand industry body Recruitment and Consulting Services Association found business professionals dropped from fourth to 14th place in the overall skills shortage list.


Demand for health professionals and nurses remained static.


For New Zealand alone, the skills shortage list was topped by non-building engineering associates and technicians, followed by health professionals, medical technicians, and drivers.


In fifth place were non-building professional engineers, then nurses, mobile plant operators, IT and telecommunications trades, IT and telecommunications technicians, with electrical trades (building) in 10th place.


Labour market conditions eased, as permanent placements dipped 4 per cent in the overall survey and temporary or contract placements rose 3 per cent, the association said.


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