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We fill the positions not the seat.

One of our strengths at Direction Recruitment is our ability to produce quality candidates that fit the role. We undertake intensive behind the scenes research and utilise a variety of contacts to ensure the perfect placement is achieved. It is always a challenge to find the right person for the right job, but our team is dedicated to ensuring we find the right person for the right position every time.

Direction Recruitment provides a thorough, professional and friendly recruitment consultancy service to Northland employers.

  • We like to meet with you when taking a vacancy brief in order to understand your requirements, learn about your company, your values and team fit.

  • As representatives of your business to potential new employees it is important we can act as ambassadors for your business, explaining company culture and assessing candidate potential.

  • Confidential information imparted at any meeting remains confidential.

Our candidate screening process is thorough and conducted in a private interview.

  • All shortlisted candidates are thoroughly interviewed face to face and reference checked prior to contract commencement.

  • We guarantee the services that we provide.

Direction Recruitment understands that the recruitment process can be challenging. As an independent party we can assist with "leveling the field" and can interview internal applicants against an external shortlist to compare skills and experience. This offers a non-judgmental and unbiased interview process.

Perhaps we can also assist your management team by offering support with competency-based interviewing questions and techniques, or give guidance on salary levels and packages.