Seeking Employment To Suit Your Lifestyle?

Temping Opportunities

Do you have great skills and are willing to work in a variety of companies?

You may find Temporary positions often suit you better than permanent roles - depending on your lifestyle and situation. It is a great chance to test out different industries and it can also lead to full-time or repeat employment.

It is also a great way to build your professional network and CV!

The business world is constantly changing and Temporary and Contract roles are becoming more and more popular.

Temp/ Contracting roles can increase workload flexibility, adding specialist expertise for one-off projects, or for budget and headcount compliance. These solutions can take the pressure off a business when growing or just bridging the gap should something unexpected come up.

Direction Recruitment offers a contracting/ temp service to assist your search for both short and long-term roles

We have an extensive and colourful database of clients across all business types established in Northland allowing us to tailor a best-fit solution for your needs.

Contractor/ Temp opportunities

  • Parental leave

  • Interim coverage during recruitment for replacement due to resignation or promotion

  • Specialist projects (short or long term)

  • Unforeseen circumstances such as illness, jury service, bereavement

  • Extra resource during a period of change management

  • Cover whilst recruiting for a permanent role to ensure continuity

Our Temps


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