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  • Tom O'Neil: Employment predictions for 2018

    Positive changes are on the way. Picture / Getty Images NZ Herald By: Tom O'Neil At the risk of putting my career as your employment columnist in jeopardy, I would like to make my key prediction...
  • Government to make it easier to hire overseas construction workers

    New Zealand's infrastructure and housing needs have created a shortage of skilled tradespeople. Photo / NZ Herald NZ Herald
  • Want a new job in 2018?

    Seven tips on finding a fresh role when you're already employed. Many will hunt for a new job as January begins - but it can be a daunting prospect when still employed. Photo / 123RF NZ Herald / Dai...
  • Ask not what you can do for the firm

    New Zealand Herald article: When it comes to performance reviews managers shouldn't just go over the past, says one human resources professional. They should look at the future as well.