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Did you Know? Changes to Employment Relations Amendment Act 2019 for Triangular Employment

Recent changes to Employment Relations Amendment Act 2019 addresses the gap in legislation in relation to employees in Triangular Employment situations.

What is Triangular Employment?

An employment arrangement in which the employer (usually a Recruitment or Labour Hire Agency) arranges placements or assignment with a third party organisation (controlling third party).  

Such as an employee who is employed by an agency and is sent on work assignments to another organisation. 

Or, a situation where an employee is sent on secondments by their employer to a host organisation.

Triangular employment is sometimes called Temping or Labour Hire.


Changes to the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2019 for Triangular Employment situations.

Good news for employees in Triangular employment arrangements with recent changes to the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2019.

As of 28th June 2020, employees and employers can now bring a personal grievance to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) against both employer and a controlling third party.

Previously, an employee could only bring a personal grievance against their employer, the agency they were employed by, and not the controlling third party who actually contributed to the personal grievance, therefore limiting their ability to make a personal grievance.

The ERA will now be able to divide responsibility for providing remedies between the responsible parties, relevant to the degree in which each part contributed to the personal grievance.

Want more information about these changes? Visit Employment NZ to learn more.


Have you ever considered temping? 

You may find Temporary positions often suit you better than permanent roles, depending on your lifestyle and situation.

  • Temping is a great chance to test out different industries and work in short- or long-term temporary assignment when you choose to. 

  • It can also help you get your foot in the door and lead to full-time or repeat employment.

  • Temp/contracting roles can also increase workload flexibility and improve work/life balance.

  • It is also a great way to build your professional network and CV!

The business world is constantly changing and Temporary and Contract roles are becoming more and more popular for both employees looking for new and flexible opportunities, and businesses needing temporary staff to help out with varying workloads, one-off projects or to cover a period of leave.



Send us your CV if you are interested in temping. Or Contact us today to find out more about temporary opportunities.


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